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Please remember the presale minimum contribution is $1,000 USD. Any transactions below this amount will not be rewarded and will be refunded to sending address after presale proceedings.

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Whats in it for you?

Earn XTRA Tokens for courses published.
Earn Bonus XTRA Tokens for students who pass
Easy to use backend learning portal.
Use XTRA Tokens to purchase teaching equipment and Gadgets

Earn XTRA Tokens for completing courses.
Easy to use Learning platform. with unparralled resources
60+ Free Courses with more added every day.
Use XTRA Tokens to purchase learning equipment and Gadgets
2 Months Free 1 on 1 Tutoring for Pre-sale and Crowd-Sale Participants

Easy to integrate API developed in Multiple Languages
PHP Javascript C# Java
Full support with integrating our API into your stores
Partnership Aquisition Possibilities
ExtraCredit Features
ERC-20 Token
Extra Credit is part of the Ethereum Blockchain, using the ERC-20 Standards.
First Educational Cryptocurrency
Extra Credit is the World's first Educational Cryptocurrency devoted to Online learning!
Bitcoin Homework
Cryptocurrency Learning Platform FULLY created and ready to launch!
Course Smart Contract Development
Be rewarded Extra Credit for completing courses, quizzes and team games! Entice your students to achieve greatness!
Open Source Platform
Extra Credit offers a reward system for many learning platforms not just Bitcoin Homework. Changing the future of learning forever!
International Support
With multilingual support we can look after you regardless of your location and language, learn anywhere at anytime!
Mobile App
We will be releasing a Mobile app that will support the learning of Cryptocurrency on Android and iOS devices!
No Age Limitations
No Age Limitations
We offer learning for all ages, we have tailored courses to age groups helping the least computer savvy person become a Cryptocurrency expert!
Token Sale
Token Allocation
600 Million XTRA Tokens
Investment Distribution
Partner Aquisition

Legal 21.3%

By using 20% of the investment we are able to create legal documents that protect the future of Bitcoin Homework and the future advances of Extra Credit itself. We want everything to be perfect and our future protected. That's why we have a dedicated team to deal with the legal side of Extra Credit and Bitcoin Homework.
Marketing 8.5%

Marketing is at the heart of all successful Businesses; without marketing we couldn’t promote our product or service to a higher level and get the interest we desire.

That is why a large proportion of our Investment is used to circulate our concept to as many people as possible. We believe we deserve to be in the spotlight and with the right marketing mix we will change the future of Education.
Bitcoin Homework 23%

As you know we have created a training platform specifically for learning Cryptocurrency supporting all age groups. A quarter of your investment will Be injected to Bitcoin Homework to add more courses, content and many features we have yet to roll out.

Cryptocurrency is moving at a rapid speed and we feel there isn't an adequate learning platform to support its movements so have created the next leading Cryptocurrency learning platform - Bitcoin Homework.
ExtraCredit 23.4%

Extra Credit deserves some upgrades and changes along the way, we will place a quarter of your contribution in to coding and updates to Extra Credit ensuring a stable and sustainable future for Extra Credit.

Creating the Smart Contract to deliver Extra Credit once a course is completed is covered by this investment and much much more, check out our Road Map above for just a few of the upcoming updates.
Partner Acquisition 34%

We will run a Partner Acquisition Campaign to secure some of most succesful companies to help aid us grow. By using their expertise this will help move our vision to a reality.

Extra Credit
Extra Credit was created with the average working-class person in-mind; people who have no, or very little knowledge of CryptoCurrency. Our vision is to empower everyone with the knowledge required to invest and manage their CryptoCurrencies with ease. This means that anyone can participate in ExtraCredit, with or without past CryptoCurrency experience.

Our Team
Our Team Extra Credit brings together a team of 10 members, dedicated to teaching our users all they need to know about CryptoCurrencies. Should you have any questions, you can usually reach one of our team via the small chat button at the bottom right of our page. To contact any of our team directly, checkout our Team Section

Bitcoin Homework
Extra Credit is working side by side with Bitcoin Homework to ensure there is no confusion to our users who are just starting out in the CryptoCurrency world, offering hundreds of courses ranging from How to start to Everything you need to know about the Blockchain

Investment Distribution
All contributions will be used to help the growth of ExtraCredit, especially in it's early stages. from Legal Documentation to Application development. To read more visit our Investment Distribution Section
Presale - 1st January 2018 - 1st February 2018
The Extra Credit presale is set to begin on 1st January 2018 and will continue until 1st February 2018. There will be a 20% bonus on all Extra Credit Tokens during this period and the minimum contribution will stand at $1,000 (USD)
Public CrowdSale Q1 2018

The Extra Credit public sale is planned to begin in the first quarter of 2018. There will be a 10% Extra Credit token bonus during this period, and the minimum contribution will stand at $50 (USD)
Educational Course Smart Contract Development Q2 2018
A Course Smart Contract will be created that delivers Extra Credit tokens to students that successfully complete courses on Bitcoin Homework to revolutionize online education and incentivize students to learn.
Cryptocurrency Progress Reports Q2 2018

An email report system will be created with reports of the Cryptocurrency markets without any marketing content to aid students in applying their knowledge and becoming better investors.
BitcoinHomework Referral System Q2 2018
A referral system will be introduced to give the tools to our user base, empowering the community to promote and earn Extra Credit for doing so.
BitcoinHomework Educational Store Q2 2018

Introducing an Educational Store for students filled with Bitcoin Homework gear, and tools to help students learn. Discounts will be given to Bitcoin Homework students.
Multilingual Support Q2 2018
By supporting many languages, Bitcoin Homework will be able to expand and support Cryptocurrency learning worldwide!

Leaderboard / Honor Roll & Weekly Quizzes Q3 2018

With the introduction of the Honor Roll (Leaderboards), education just got personal. Battle out in groups of friends / acquaintances or even alone against others to be placed on the leaderboard, top performers will be rewarded Extra Credit.
BitcoinHomework Mobile App Development Q3 2018
Your contribution will be used to fuel our Mobile App development bringing Cryptocurrency training to mobile devices - supporting both iOS and Android, learn anywhere using your mobile / tablet.
Online Pod Cast Classroom Development - Q4 2018

We will introduce podcasts to classrooms around the globe bringing people together and learning as a team! Regardless of where you are, an internet connection is the only requirement to join. Perform well and receive Extra Credit as a reward for your knowledge, participation and effort!
Open Source Platform for Schools and Universities - Q1 2019
To create an open source platform that schools and universities can adopt and revolutionize the future of education itself. With every purchase of our open source platform you will receive Extra Credit as a BONUS.
Business Partnerships and Sponsorships - TBA

Awaiting Confirmation.
Accepted Wallets


To contribute in Extra Credit please follow the four simple steps below. Feel free to get in Contact if you need assistance.


After agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you will have access to the Extra Credit calculator, use the calculator to work out the amount of Extra Credit you would like to contribute in. Please bare in mind we support many Alternative Cryptocurrencies.


Once you have selected your currency you would like to contribute with using our calculator please go ahead and send the required amount to the address shown on the calculator. We are always available on support so if you wish to ask any questions before sending feel free to do so.


After you have made the payment to the address presented on the calculator feel free to contact one of our support representatives to confirm your order. Unlike many ICO's Extra Credit will be sending your Extra Credit coins once the Pre-Sale / ICO is concluded, this prevents abuse on Exchanges and ensures a healthy start to Extra Credit.


Once you have sent your contributions you must then Fill in and send an Contribution Identification Form, which will simply allow us to confirm your contribution and send your ExtraCredit to the correct wallet.








Bitcoin Cash

Please ensure your selected currency is listed above before sending.

Have any questions? Before contacting one of our team members take a look at our Frequently asked Questions below

How does early access work?
Early access guarantees you a share of ExtraCredit. Please remember that we have a total of 600M Extra Credits once they have been sold they are gone! If you contribute during our PRE-ICO / PRE-SALE you will receive 20% BONUS. We will not be releasing the tokens until the PRE SALE and ICO are concluded, this ensures a healthy begining to Extra Credit.
Who is ExtraCredit targeted at?
Extra Credit is targetted at people looking to advance or start their path in the Cryptocurrency world. We feel that it's moving at such a speed, a speed that is truly unbelivable and it now needs an Educational Cryptocurrency and learning platform to support its progress.
Requirements or restrictions?
Any individual can participate in ExtraCredit. We offer learning for all ages, we have tailored courses to age groups helping the least computer savvy person become a Cryptocurrency expert!
Which address should I send the money to?
Once you have determined which Cryptocurrency you would like contribute with using our Calculator, It will then present you with an Address where you must send your money to. If you have any questions or issues whilst doing so please contact our support immediately and we will be happy to assist you.
What is Bitcoin Homework?
Bitcoin Homework is our Learning platform, which is here to aid people looking to learn about Cryptocurrency, this includes the positive and negative points, the invesment opportunities and the technical sides of Cryptocurrency, we are looking to educate the public and to also educate business' about how they can implement Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies to their platform maximising profits and minimizing risk taking away the fear of the unknown!
Meet the Team

Curtis Smith
Co-Founder / CEO

Morris G
Head Of Marketing

Daniel Westrop

Ralph Bibby

Zayaan I
SEO Manager

Jennifer W
Social Media Manager

Pranav Jain

Marcel W

Connor McClanahan


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